Domestic Violence Cuts Another Star Running Back

Kansas City Chiefs Cut Running Back Kareem Hunt Due to Domestic Violence


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A day after indicating a formal NFL request for information on an alleged physical assault involving star running back Kareem Hunt didn’t occur until last week, Cleveland police said Wednesday the league was given a copy of the police report in February.

Justin Artz, Staff Writer

On December 1, a video of Kansas City Chiefs star running back; Kareem Hunt was released off him assaulting a female. After being cut from the Chiefs, there is much debate about his future and where he’ll land if he isn’t banned from the NFL.

“He should be banned from football,” said junior Zak Vincent. “Domestic violence shouldn’t be tolerated in the NFL.”

The video was released by TMZ. The footage is from over 10 months ago in a Cleveland hotel. Apparently there was a heated argument between Hunt and a female, which ended in Hunt charging a crowd and knocking the women over. He then kicked the woman aggressively while she was down on the ground. Cleveland police showed up and by the end of the night no charges were pressed on either side.

“I feel like if the NFL really wanted to know what happened they would have done better at investigating,” said junior Bryce Asher.

Hunt reportedly lied to the Chiefs when the incident first happened. Once the video was released the Chiefs immediately put Hunt on waivers and cut him just hours after the video went viral.

“He made a mistake, but he owned up to it,” said Bailey Tate. “He should not be banned, but should not be allowed to go back to the Chiefs.”

Kareem Hunt led the league in rushing yards in 2017 (his rookie year). With Hunt being so young and showing a lot of success on the field, the big question is where will he go if he is allowed to continue his career in the National Football League. Teams like the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears are showing interest in Hunt. Despite his excellent skills on the field, a lot of teams have a no tolerance policy with domestic violence.