Spruced Up Holidays

Old Meets New This Holiday Season


Image courtesy of visitlawrencecounty.com

Lena Edwards, Staff Writer

The holidays are approaching fast, meaning it is time for decorations. People have been using more individualized and modern decorations in recent years, but the classics are still a common sight. With this mixture of old and new, it is important to know what is being looked at.

Of the classic decorations, some of the most popular are lights, trees, garland, stockings, and figurines or statues. Lights and garland are hung up on the inside and outside of the house, giving it a shine and sparkle. Both real and fake trees are put up with ornaments and baubles, stockings for family members hung up right by its side.

Newer decorations include homemade ornaments, colored trees, and projected lights. Homemade ornaments are nice crafts for kids that can be kept for years. Colored trees and an extra pop of color to the house and projected lights are easier to put up and display.

These decorations are barely even scraping the surface, but they are some of the most popular decorations used during the holiday season. Now, go take in the winter sights and have a happy holiday.