Netflix: The New Normal

The Future Of Watching Television and Movies

The logo for the streaming media company: Netflix (courtesy of

The logo for the streaming media company: Netflix (courtesy of

Harley Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

As years go on the way people watch movies and television has been changing. Instead of turning on the television to see what’s on or going to the movie theater to see the latest blockbuster, most people are now logging-in and streaming. The top streaming services are Hulu and Netflix.

While Hulu is newer, coming out on 2007, Netflix, founded in 1997, has recently become the hot spot for streaming anything and everything ( However, the debate on which streaming service to use still continues. Hulu or Netflix, which is better? According to, there are some very key differences between the two. These include:

Hulu | Netflix

Library Size: Around 4,150 titles | Around 100,000 titles

Price: Monthly- $7.99 or $11.99 for ad free streaming | Monthly- $8 for 1 screen, $9 for 2 screens, and $12 for 4 screens

Ads: Yes, unless someone pays the $11,99 to remove them | No

Subscribers: About 3 million and growing | About 30 million and counting

When Shows Are Available: A day after it airs | After next season of show begins

Availability: U.S.A and Japan | North America, South America, United Kingdom, and Ireland

Stock Ticker: None, private organization | NFLX

No matter what service is the preference of choice, Netflix has been around for a while and have become the face of how people watch television and movies now and in the future.

Netflix has big plans for the future and is on track to grow its business. The company says that streaming and binge-watching has risen with 7 million new subscribers in its last quarter (

Despite all the success, Netflix has plans to continue to grow its company in the future, they are also billions of dollars in debt and plans on adding an additional $2 billion because of “offering unsecured bank notes” ( Besides the debt, Netflix users broke the record for hours of video streamed with 350 million hours streamed on Monday, January 7 (