NFL Playoffs

Eight Teams Advance Into Round 2 of The NFL PLayoffs

Justin Artz, Staff Writer

With the 2018 regular season ending, the NFL season moves along to the postseason. With big games to start the new year, the league looks to keep the fans entertained.

Moving onto the second round, the Dallas Cowboys will head to California to play the Los Angeles Rams, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the New Orleans Saints will play in New Orleans for the second round of the NFC playoffs. For the AFC games, the Colts will head to Kansas City to play the Chiefs, and The New England Patriots will host the San Diego Chargers.

“In my opinion, I don’t see anyone beating the Saints,” said junior Bryce Asher. “In the AFC I’ve got the Chargers over everyone.”

Although there are better ranked teams, many people think the Patriots will return to the Super Bowl considering their recent history. With coach Bill Bellicheck and winning quarterback Tom Brady, New England has dominated the postseason this past decade.

”I’ve got the Patriots going back to the super bowl. I think the Saints will take the win over New England though,” said freshman Charles Gross.

The Saints reflected the most dominant offense in the league throughout this season. They were on a ten game winning streak at one point and finished 13-3 as the number one seed in the NFL. Many fans have the Saints favored as the next Super Bowl champions.

”The Saints are a great team for sure,” said junior Austin Bailey. “This year I’m going to have to pick the Cowboys as the next champs, they already beat the Saints once this year, have one of the most dominant defenses, and they finished the second half of the year 7-1.”

With the Super Bowl less than 3 weeks away, fans are excited to watch the season finish off and see who advances to the end.