2018 Music in review


2018 brought a lot to the table for the music industry. It brought us several exciting new artists, and with them came new songs, albums, styles, and even genres.

2018 started off slow with not a lot of new music being released. Slowly as the year went on artists began releasing projects. Both new and old artists released projects in 2018, as well as some artists who are no longer with us. These projects included “Come over when your sober pt2” by lil peep, who is now deceased, as well as “Skins” by XXXTENTCION who is deceased as well. Another project that made a big difference in music was “Decaprio 2” by freshman rapper J.I.D.

Along with new projects came new artists who made their way to the top (or at least to the conversation). One artists or group of artists that had major success in 2018 was the Korean Pop band BTS.

BTS took the industry by storm amounting millions of fans worldwide as well as breaking countless records and even finding they’re way into the top 5 on the billboards 100 hottest artists as of December 28, 2018. Other new artists also found major success like rapper Blueface who seemed to come out of nowhere and gained most attention when rapper, singer, and songwriter Drake spoke about wanting to collaborate with him. This, as well as his new music video released on December 19, 2018, with cole Bennet, has given Blueface the opportunity for a very promising 2019.

Looking back, 2018 was a very innovative and important year for music and set the stage for 2019 to be even better.