Mystery Singer

Who is Behind the Mask?

The logo for the new competition show on FOX: The Masked Singer (courtesy of

Harley Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

The mystery is on to guess which celebrity is under the mask with FOX’s new competition show, The Masked Singer. On Wednesday, January 2  The Masked Singer aired; it is the newest singing competition with four judges (“detectives”): Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and Robin Thicke and is hosted by Nick Cannon. The show has six celebrities in each episode with two celebrities in full costume facing off at a time. The studio audience votes for who sang the best; the winner moves on while the loser faces the risk of being unmasked at the end of the show. The judges and studio audience vote from the three singers of the night that didn’t make the cut to unmask.

This week’s episode brought back the remaining five from the first episode to battle it out again, with one being unmasked at the end of the night (

The show is an American take of the South Korean competition show: King of Mask Singer. The show has the same concept: a celebrity in full costume, singing in front of an audience and judges, and then eventually being revealed ( One of the contestants on the show was an American actor, Ryan Reynolds; click the link to see his performance (

*SPOILERS AHEAD* Below is the list of the contestants so far (

  • The Peacock ~ GUESS(ES): singer, Donny Osmond
  • The Monster ~ GUESS(ES): rapper, T-Pain
  • The Lion ~ GUESS(ES): actresses, Tracee Ellis Ross or Rumer Willis
  • The Unicorn ~ GUESS(ES): actress, Tori Spelling
  • The Rabbit ~ GUESS(ES): singers, Joey Fatone or JC Chasez
    • Joey Fatone has debunked this theory in a recent interview (
  • The Alien ~ GUESS(ES): singer, LaToya Jackson or a Kardashian, many speculating model, Kendall Jenner
  • The Raven ~ GUESS(ES): actress, Ricki Lake
  • The Poodle ~ GUESS(ES): comedian, Margaret Cho, actress, Ali Wong, or a drag queen
  • The Bee ~ GUESS(ES): singer, Gladys Knight
  • The Hippo ~ REVEALED: NFL player, Antonio Brown
  • The Pineapple ~ REVEALED: comedian, Tommy Chong
  • The Deer ~ REVEALED: Former NFL player and sports reporter, Terry Bradshaw

According to, The show airs on FOX at 9 pm every Wednesday. To catch up on past episodes and all the clues/hints on the contestants click here.