A Year of Hollywood Hits

2018 Brought a Lot of Success to the Big Screen. 2019 Looks to do the Same


Justin Artz, Staff Writer

In the past two years, the world has seen some highly anticipated big movies that managed to leave fans smiling.  Fortunately,  2019 looks to offer more of the same to moviegoers.

This year we’ll see many sequels to movies that did well at the box office. The sequel to “It” will hit theaters this summer, Happy Death Day 2 will hit theaters on Valentine’s Day, Spider-Man A Long Way From Home is set to release this year, just to name a few.

With so many big brand movies being released, fans of all genres are excited to see what their favorite movies have in store for them this year.

“I love going to the movies. I cant wait to go and see the new It, the new Joker movie coming out, and also Spider-Man,” said junior Ethan Landes.

A lot of movie goers love to see action, or love being scared by the horror films they watch. With the recent success of  Halloween 2018, horror movies that aren’t just paranormal are set to release this year as well. Slasher films are trying to rebrand themselves, and repeat the success they have had in the past. People are ready to see what the genre has to bring.

”I am ready for the new Pet Semetary movie,” said junior Gavin Swett. “Stephen King movies and books are always good, and It will be interesting to see what they do with it.”

Movies in all genres have a planned release all throughout the year, fans all around the world hope to enjoy what cinema has for them in 2019.