Conspira-See it For Yourself

Shane Dawson Returns to YouTube.

YouTuber Shane Dawson in his conspiracy theory filming room, wearing his conspiracy theory shirt (courtesy of

Harley Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

“Everything is Not What it Seems,” no not in Wizards of Waverly Place but in Shane Dawson’s new conspiracy theory documentary series: “Seeing Isn’t Believing” (

Dawson took to social media to announce his new series, posting a countdown to his Instagram story along with a link to the new intro for the series. All this is coming after he took a 4-month hiatus from YouTube (

Dawson’s last series, “The Mind of Jake Paul,” came out on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 ( Dawson admitted that after filming and publishing the eight-part series, he needed to take some time off to recollect himself (

Many people are excited to see that Dawson is back and can’t wait for the new series to drop. Some took to Twitter to express their excitement. One user, @nicholasmegalis, taking to Twitter to say, “MY BRAIN AND SOUL AND HEART AND BODY CANNOT HANDLE THIS. PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO US SHANE. PLEASE RETHINK THIS.”

According to Dawson’s social media and TubeFilter, The first episode of the new series will premiere on Wednesday, January 30. On top of the new series coming out, Dawson reached 20 million subscribers on YouTube (