Conspira-Seeing is Believeing

Conspiracies from technology to tragedy to shopping.

From Shane Dawsons new series. Courtesy of

Echo Diffenderfer, Staff Writer

Shane Dawson’s newest conspiracy theory series is out and the internet has blown up about it. The two-part series contains serious issues and conspiracies that could make a person rethink the world around them. The first episode came out Wednesday, January 30 and fans can’t get enough of it. The video contains conspiracies such as the California wildfires, iPhone features, deepfakes, brainwashing cartoons, Walt Disney being frozen and stores using subliminal messages.

When the announcement of the series came out, Twitter blew up about it; one user, Toscani, said, “U BROKE YOUTUBE!” This is just one of the many positive comments on the series. This series is blowing up fast for Dawson, with getting 13 million views in one day. The last series to blow up was his previous series “The Mind of Jake Paul”.

The original release date for the second part was on Wednesday, February 6, but Shane had to push it to Monday, February 11. The reasoning for this push release date was that Andrew Siwicki, Dawson’s good friend, cameraman, and editing assistant, and Dawson weren’t finished editing because new ideas arose. Some fans were not happy about this; many sent hate comments about it. One of his fans, Twitter handle _lucindanicole_, said this about the situation, “This is exactly what people are saying when they talk about you setting a schedule and n it keeping up with it. Stop setting up flimsy release dates. It’s unfair to us and it’s unfair to you too.”