#Real-Life Spanish

The Spanish Instagram Challenge


The daily hashtags being used in Ehninger’s Spanish III and IV classes.

Emma Saltsman, Staff Writer

Students in Spanish III and IV are doing a ground-breaking project on Instagram, which is different than what students have been used to in the past.

“It’s an interesting concept,” said junior John Bates. “I think it’s possible that maybe language arts classes could do projects like this but, it’s somewhat unrealistic to do this for math or science classes. It would definitely be fun to relate pictures in our own lives to The Crucible or other pieces of literature.”

The project is called the Instagram Challenge. It requires students to post something daily on their school Instagram account. Each day in November, there is a new hashtag, in Spanish of course, students must use to go with their daily picture.

“My students are using Spanish in real-life and I love seeing them comment on each others posts,” said Spanish teacher Ms. Janelle Ehninger.

The posts have little limits. The hashtag of the day can be interpretated however the student takes it.

“I think it’s a cool project,” said junior Isha Mishra, “but it’s hard to remember to post all the time.”

Several students agree the project is fun and creative, but Instagram being blocked on Northmont computers has posed challenges. This is the first year for the project and students hope it will continue in the future.