Disney’s Genie-us Flop

Disney’s New Trailer for “Aladdin” Terrifies Audience Members of All Ages


Will Smith as the genie in Disney’s live action Aladdin (image courtesy of Disney’s Aladdin trailer)

Lena Edwards, Staff Writer

The new Aladdin trailer has shocked many Disney fans. People were not exactly ecstatic when they heard about this remake of the Disney classic. There were very mixed reactions, most of them turning negative after seeing the new trailer for the movie.

The beginning of the trailer is pretty normal, with magic and typical bright Disney scenes. Everything is pretty normal until the end, where the audience sees something that looks like it belongs in a horror movie: Will Smith’s genie.

The first glimpse anyone got of the genie was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly in December 2018, where Will Smith had his own skin color and a costume. Then the trailer came out, with a horrifying blue CGI genie that had Will Smith’s face. This monstrosity quickly became famous after Disney posted the video on their Twitter. Will Smith also posted the trailer on his Instagram, with the caption “I told y’all I was gon’ be Blue!”

The fame turned the ill-fated genie into a meme, being compared to Shrek, Tobias Funke, Avatar, and a Smurf. Many people, unsurprisingly, had something to say about this development.

Famed comic book writer Jhonen Vasquez said, “Will Smith as the genie looks like what one of those kids from the 90’s Fruit Gushers commercials would look like if they never found a cure for their fruit curse.”

YouTuber Jenny Nicholson said, “Will Smith genie is what appears in my room when I have sleep paralysis.”

Even with the genie that has been said to haunt people’s dreams, there may be hope for the rest of the film. If not, there is still Dumbo and Lion King coming from Disney this year along with Aladdin, so it might be hidden by those two movies. Everyone will just have to wait until Aladdin comes out in theaters on May 24, 2019.