U-Korner: College Week


What are you going to do in the future? What is job of your dream? How will world look in the future? How many people will you meet on the way of your final destiny?

Too many questions right? These questions are very important for me and I think that they are for you too.

We are future generation who will take care about society and nature. Every person should think about the future from early age. And for my opinion it is great that in America students have college weeks. In Ukraine students usually have to go directly to the university to get more schooling.

Last week I visited a lot of college presentations and I can say that in America you can study whatever you want. I was impressed how many students were interested in the education part.

It doesn’t matter what do you want to do in future and what do you want to study, what matters is working hard and improving yourself. I am sure that you can always find place to work and improve yourself in different directions.

I think that a good job is an important part of human happiness because that is what you spend a lot of time. That is why so important to make the right decision and college weeks in American schools helps us to making these decisions.