Greenland Trumps Trump

President Donald Trump Tries Buying Greenland, And His Offer is Rejected

Trump next to picture of Greenland. Image credit:

Lena Edwards, Staff Writer

Around August 15, President Donald Trump decided to try buying Greenland from the country of Denmark. This decision was met with much backlash, including Mette Frederiksen, prime minister of Denmark, calling Trump’s offer “absurd.”

After this response, Trump tweeted that he will be “postponing [his] meeting scheduled in two weeks for another time.” He also thanked Frederiksen for being so straight to the point, and saving both Denmark and the U.S. a lot of time and effort. This decision also saved money, as estimates put Greenland at worth at least $1 billion.

Greenland, however, is taking full advantage of this situation. The territory is using the fact that Trump wants to buy it “because of national security,” and profit from it. All the publicity will help with “mining, tourism, and infrastructure,” according to Greenland’s Royal Arctic Line Chief Executive, Verner Hammeken.

A similar situation has happened once before. Back in 1946, President Truman also attempted to buy Greenland, though he only offered $100 million. It looks like even 73 years could not break Greenland and Denmark from their “no-selling” policy.