The Arctic is burning up!

Arctic fires are going on all throughout the Arctic Circle.


Christen Walder, Staff writer

Yes, the Arctic is melting but it’s also ablaze. On the 18th Of July, satellite images from space showed the Arctic on fire, but not many have been talking about it.

According to CNN, “The region has experienced fires in the past, but never this many,” said Pierre Markuse, a satellite photography expert.

This isn’t the first wildfire to happen in the region. More than 100 intense wildfires have ravaged the Arctic since June (CNN )

The Arctic fire is releasing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that aren’t good for the human body.

As reported by CNN, “Temperatures in the Arctic are rising at a faster rate than the global average, providing the right conditions for wildfires to spread,” says Mark Parrington, a senior scientist at CAMS.

According to BBC news, “These are all the things we have been predicting for decades’, says Philip Higuera, a fire ecologist.

Nancy Fresco, a climate scientist with the University of Alaska Fairbanks, told NPR news, “Well unfortunately, it’s not something we can deal with on our own. Here, the best we can do is protect people and fight the fires that have to be fought. But the problem is that we as an entire planet have to deal with the bigger issue because there’s no way to fight all the fires here. There’s no way to put them out. There’s no way to prevent the release of those greenhouse gases unless we slow down climate change globally.”

As of now we have 18 months until the changes that are being made on earth are irreversible , but if we don’t act fast that time could decrease rapidly.