The Year of a Thousand Laughs

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Leo Nicholson, Staff Writer

The Northmont Drama Club is exited for this years season, “The Year of A Thousand Laughs”, having five performances this year including Murder Mystery Event: The Curse Of The Magic Counsel, Noises Off!, Puterbaugh Vs. Chatterton, Legally Blonde: The Musical, and NORTHMONT LIVE! Audition dates for Murder Mystery and the fall show Noises Off! are at the same time: Monday, September 9th from 3-6pm, and possible call backs are on Tuesday, September 10th from 3-6pm. The performance date for Murder Mystery is on Saturday, Oct. 19th at the Dayton Women’s Club downtown. The show will run from 6pm to 12am, so be ready for six hours of improv filled fun! 


The Drama Club also had their first New York trip meeting on Tuesday, August 27th, where they talked about payment information, travel details, what will be happening day-to-day throughout the trip, and other information. If you missed that meeting, make sure to get the information from Mr. Puterbaugh, or check out the website The next New York meeting will be on Tuesday, September 17th in Lecture Hall B at 7pm, so if you are interested in going on the trip make sure you bring a parent and attend the meeting. 


All of the students who are involved in Drama Club are excited for this years productions, Legally Blonde in particular being a fan favorite. Mr. Puterbaugh, the director of the Northmont Drama Club, commented on why he is exited for this year, stating, “I would be most excited for probably all of the opportunities that we have, all of the shows kinda present a unique challenge, with Murder Mystery you have audience interaction, Legally Blonde is a big show which is gonna push the whole cast, and our spring show is gonna be sketch comedy based on Saturday Night Live! which is going to challenge our students to do something kinda different.” Check out the Drama Club website or talk to Mr. Puterbaugh for more information about the Northmont Drama Club.