ROTC Shoe Rule

Don’t Scuff the Dress Shoes

ROTC Shoe Rule

Tyler Reigh, Staff Writer

Northmont High School’s ROTC instructors have released a new rule to their students to protect the grade of the ROTC cadets. Towards the end of the 2018-2019 school year, a rule was introduced to keep students from scuffing or stepping on ROTC students dress shoes on the designated Thursday uniform day. They said that the punishment is a detention and if a student continues their actions, further disciplinary action would be taken.

Now in the 2019-2020 school year, everyone is starting to feel over intimidated by the ROTC cadets simply for their shoes. “It makes me nervous when I see an ROTC cadet because I’m concerned I could get a detention, because of the new rule,” said freshman Katherine Conner, a first year journalist. “It makes me anxious.”

No one knows when they started to enforce said rule. “No one really knows when it started. I guess it’s because it counts more as a project grade.” The ROTC public relations cadet Shelby Leitz says. Even though the rule isn’t written down that does not mean it is not a rule, the ROTC instructors are allowed to and will, enforce this rule for all 118 cadets.