Cold And Dark Becomes Warm And Fuzzy

Terries (EDIT: Add an apostrophe on “Terries”) Angels Yarn Bomb The Oregon District


Maren Rieben, Staff Writer

According to DaytonDailyNews , a group called “ Terrie’s Angels” from the Beavercreek ministry just took part and is still taking part in the yarn bombing in the Oregon District in the times after the shooting in August.

Yarn bombing started with one individual, Magda Sayeg, who wrapped a door handle with pink yarn. At a TedYouth conference in 2015, she spoke on yarn bombing, how it started and its impact. Sayeg says,  “Yarn bombing is where you take knitted material out into the environment graffiti style or more specifically without permission or unsanctioned.” She continues by saying “When I started yarn bombing 10 years ago I didn’t have a word for it, I didn’t have any ambitious notions about it, I had no vision of anything grand. All I wanted was to see something warm, fuzzy and human like on a cold, gray, steel facade I looked at everyday, so I wrapped a door handle.” 

Just like Magda Sayeg had found a way to make dull parts of life seem bright, many other people began to also wrap everyday things in bright fuzzy colors. It started out with small things like a handle, and then eventually got as big as wrapping buses.  according to Magda Sayeg, to participate in yarn bombing, you just need some yarn and a door handle, trash can, or even a tree. 

A member of Terrie’s Angels, Teresa Capral says, “I was inspired, God put it in my heart to do this.” Terrie’s Angels have made 9 yarn covered wreaths and have hung them next to Ned Peppers, as well as four 6 foot yarn sleeves that are wrapped around light posts by Ned Peppers.

In addition to the wreaths and sleeves, she has been creating little yarn covered signs that say “tiny  windows to heaven.” Terrie’s Angels have been doing their best to make the Oregon District a little brighter in respect to all the people who lost their loved ones in the shooting. Yarn bombing makes our world a brighter place one strand of string after another.