SKSKSpirit Week

Northmont Spirit Week

A picture of the spirit week flyer (Northmont High School).

A picture of the spirit week flyer (Northmont High School).

Taylor Shively, Assistant Editor

With homecoming 2019 coming to a close, Northmont’s annual spirit week was back again. This year, many people joined in on the spirit week including students, staff, and administrators.

Monday: College Day

What started out as college day ended up becoming college/frat boy day. With this came many students dressed as frat boys.

From left to right: Paige Shively, Emma Jenkins, Zoe Helmick, and Katie Mccrary.

Tuesday: VSCO/90s Day

VSCO has became a widely known term in social media over the past couple months. Although VSCO is a term for teen girls, many guys dressed in ‘VSCO’ style to participate in the spirit day.

From left to right: Utah Strobel, Liam Batten, and Jonah Mergler.

Wednesday: Media Day

Many people participated in media day, however, the seniors on the girls varsity soccer team did not. In honor of it being their senior night, they decided to have their own spirit day, in which they all dressed up in tie die and sunglasses.

The seniors on the girls varsity soccer team.

Thursday: Western Day

Western Day brought about many yee-haws and a few horses around the school. Below are a few DECA students participating in the spirit day.

From left to right: senior Mara Cockerell, senior Nick Sanders, senior Katie Sullivan, and Lauryn Zilles.












Friday: Neon Day/ Tie-Dye Day

Friday was Tie-Dye day but also neon day. Many students participated in this theme which continued onto later that night at the homecoming football game.

The Northmont student section during Friday’s homecoming football game.

Now that homecoming week is over, the quarter is coming to a close. Students are winding down from the crazy week by enjoying their 4-day week, being the last of quarter one.