Cats and Dogs are Created Equal

Cats are Just as Good as Dogs


Even though cats have a reputation for being aloof, a new study has discovered that cats are fully capable of forming strong and secure bonds with their owners. For years, the old saying that “a dog is a man’s best friend” has been proven over and over again. But are dogs the only animals that are loyal and attached to their human companions?

According to Oregon State University, researchers have found that cats tend to display the same attachment styles as babies and dogs. These results were found by conducting a series of tests with cats and dogs.

Each test would have a cat or dog spend 2 minutes alone in a new, controlled area without their owner, then their reactions would be recorded. Then, they would have the owner step in with their pets to record the animal’s reaction when they came back.

Some of the pets were proven to be secure when their owners were present and proceeded to relax and explore their environment, while others with insecure bonds would either avoid or stay very close to their owners.

“The majority of cats are securely attached to their owners and use them as a source of security in a novel environment,” said Kristen Vitale, a researcher in the Human-Animal Interaction Lab in OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences.

A new theory known as “the attachment theory” proved that the difference between setting makes some cats stressed out when their owner isn’t this shows how much people have underestimated the depth of the bonds between cats and humans. 

Vitale also states, “like dogs, cats display social flexibility in regards to their attachments with humans.” This comment further supports the idea of cats being just as good a pet as dogs.

Findings from Science Daily  show that most cats will be just as emotionally attached to their humans as a dog or infant.