Halloween Movies

Four Halloween Movies to Watch Before Halloween.


Joshua Murphy, Staff Writer

With Halloween coming up, here are four movies to fulfill either your horror or fun fix. Below, is what is consider to be Halloween classics: “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Scream,” “Coraline,” and the not-often-talked about movie,  “Halloweentown.”

The first movie, often debated whether it is a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie. That is “The Nightmare before Christmas,” made in 1993 and rated PG.  Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king, gets bored with his life scaring people in ‘his world,’ so he sets out and stumbles along a grove of trees that represents the other holidays. Jack enters Christmastown ands plots to kidnap Santa and control Christmas. This results in hi-jinks back home in Halloweentown. This movie is fun, light-hearted and great for all ages.

Scream” is our only rated R movie out of the group and was made in 1996. In this movie, a group of teens are threatened by a killer in a ‘ghost-face’ mask who uses other horror movies as a basis for his deadly game. This movie led to three additional movies and a TV show by the same name. This is your typical slasher horror movie.

Now we go to another type of scary movie. “Coraline” was made in 2009,  making it the most recently released movie in our review, and is rated PG. It’s a family movie but it is frightening enough to make even the adults scream. Coraline is an 11-year-old girl who loves being curious and stumbles across a hidden door in her new home after moving to Oregon. Behind this door, she finds a reality much different than hers.

Finally, we shed some light on a not-so-talked about Disney movie, “Halloweentown.” This one was made in 1998 and is appropriate for all ages as it is rated TV-G.  The Cromwell family has a secret, they come from a long line of witches.  The main character, Marnie, finds this out on her 13 birthday after she follows her grandmother into Halloweentown and gets involved in a fight against the evil that is brewing in Halloweentown.

These four movies-all together totaling 492 minutes-will set the mood for Halloween. From laughs to scares, there is something for everyone to watch this Halloween.