Gov. Dewine Calls for Review of Parol

Dewine Calls for Review of Parol on Raymond Walters


Tyler Reigh, Staff Writer

On October 28, governor Mike Dewine called for the review of parol on Raymond Walters, who is accused of killing two six-year-old cousins after stealing a police cruiser, adding to his list of crimes. The full extent of his past in crime has been completely released to the public via the Dayton Daily.

He had reportedly stolen a Riverside police cruiser and drove across Dayton and crashing in front of the main branch of the Dayton Metro Library killing the two six-year-old cousins, Penelope Jasko of Dayton and Eleanor Mcbride of Huber. Walters is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity in the case. In Ohio, to be legally insane the defendant must be proven to be unaware of the difference between right and wrong.

Walters, who has had a history of domestic violence, assault, drug possession and usage, as well as theft, and armed theft. He was “released from prison and put on three years post release control just months before the August 26 accident” according to Dayton Daily.

His previous crimes include : stealing a wallet from a seventy seven year old man and shoving him to the ground in 2008, then caught sneaking in a pain killer and taking it while in prison in 2009, charged with domestic violence against his wife and his father in 2011 but neither testified. A few years after, in 2013, he stole a credit card. And then, in 2016 he stole $121.33 dollars worth of candy from a speedway station.