Florida Man Mayhem

Two Florida Men Commit Weird Crimes

Florida Man Mayhem

Josh Murphy, Staff Writer

The Floridians have gone crazy again.  ‘A Florida man’ is a new meme phrase that describes a person who commits bizarre or idiotic crimes that will end in jail or fees. Recently two Florida men have done two crimes by throwing a chihuahua in a cage at his cousin, and using a power saw to remove a sawfishes nose.

On October 29th, Stephane Jackson threw his one-year-old dog, Roscoe, at his cousin, according to Fox News. According to AP news, the cage hit his cousin on the upper arm. Due to this, Jackson will be facing a misdemeanor battery charge. Jackson was released from the Pinellas County jail on October 30th.

According to CNN, Chad Ponce was seen on a boat this past summer using a power saw to remove a sawfish’s rostrum. The problem with this is that the sawfish has been endangered since 2003.  Also, it cant live without it because it needs it to sense and attack pray. Ponce is facing one year in federal prison plus a fifty thousand dollar fine.

In conclusion, these two men have stuck with the meme of doing bizarre and weird crimes. With these two crime they will both face consequences . According to findlaw,  a misdemeanor will give you a year in jail. But if what happens is voted a felony, it could lead to 10 years in jail.