BREAKING NEWS: Members of Mormon Community Killed in Ambush

Three Mothers and Six Children Killed by a Drug Cartel Gunman

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Ryleigh Whittaker , Staff Writer

On Monday, November 4, three Mormon mothers and their 14 children set out to the Mexican town of Chihuahua. While on the way,  they were ambushed by a drug cartel gunman. Many are saying the attack was a mistake and that the gunman had mistaken their SUVs for a rival gang. Many others disagree.

The LeBarón family has been targeted by cartels before. Including back in 2009, when two other members of the LeBarón family were murdered by a gunman. This is why many believe it was a direct attack.

According to CBS News, a relative said,“Three vehicles with women and children in broad daylight. There was no mistaken identity. I felt this was in broad daylight and… no one could have done that not knowing what they were doing.”

The three cars were in all different conditions after the attack. One had exploded from a gunshot to the gas tank. The other two were heavily full of bullet holes. 

According to The Daily Beast, Kendra Lee Miller, a relative of many of the victims,  said,“The first vehicle was found full of bullet holes and completely ablaze. Not caught in crossfire, between two cartels, they were ambushed by one cartel from Mexico. There was not ongoing battle or gunfire or anything at that point when these women went over this road, they went over peacefully, the day was peaceful, and they were ambushed and attacked“

The family believed that traveling in the day time was the safest option because most ambushes are at night.

According to The Washington Post, Leah Staddon, another relative said,“They said we would be okay as long as we didn’t travel at night, everybody made sure they were traveling in the daytime. But, this happened yesterday in the middle of the day.”

The family is still struggling to make anything of what has happened. Many still in disbelief as to what and how any of this went down. 

They currently haven’t found the gunman but the do have some suspects and are planning to interrogate them as soon as possible, hopefully being able to bring some peace to the family‘s and their loses.