World Records To Break and How To Do It

World Records May Not Be as Difficult as It May Seem

Guinness Book Of World Records.

Guinness Book Of World Records.

Maren Rieben, Staff Writer

According to Guinness Book Of World Records, there are more than 40,000 current records in the Guinness World Records database. About 4000 are published in the book. People think of a world record as something really hard, then people think to themselves, “I could never do it.” Well, here are eight world records and how to break them.

Most CDs Balanced On One Finger:

For this world record contestants must put their finger straight out with their palm up. The record for the most CDs balanced on one finger is 50.

Most T-Shirts Put On In One Minute:

Contants can use any size of shirts, whatever is easiest for them, they can also have another person put them their body but only one at a time. The record at the moment for this is 31.

Most Jello Eaten With Chopsticks In A Minute:

Contestants can use any flavor, with any kind of chopsticks. However, they can only use one hand and the other needs to be behind  their back. If this is a struggle for the contestant, they may have a friend hold it there for them. The record for this is 3.2 ounces.

Most Sticky Notes Placed On Face In A Minute:

The contestant can use any shape and color, but the size has to measure in 73mm on every side. There cannot be anyone helping, and each sticky note has to stay attached for at least 10 seconds for it to count. No eyelids. The holding record for this is 58 sticky notes.

Fastest Time To Put 24 Cans In The Fridge:

The cans have to be full and unopened, and they can not be reformed in any way. It has to be a commercially available fridge. Door has to start closed, and if any cans fall over or fall out of the fridge, that can doesn’t count. Fastest time for this is 9.76 seconds.

Fastest Time To Assemble A Mr Potato Head Blindfolded:

For this record, contestants can only use their hands and they have to put all of the potato heads accessories in the right places. The fastest time for this is 16.17 seconds. 

Fastest Time To Put On A Duvet Cover:

The duvet has to be properly and neatly placed and nicely tucked all the way around. The size has to perfectly fit the bed size. If the contestant doesn’t do this, the attempt does not count. The fastest time for this is 26.03 seconds.

Most Times Jumped Into A Pair Of Underwear:

The underwear used must be briefs and be the contestants actual size-not any larger. They must be fully pulled up to the waist then removed before the next jump in. If you don’t jump with both feet at one time it doesn’t count. The record for this is 9 pairs in one minute.

According to The Guinness Book Of World Record, this is how you set your record and become the new record holder. “To become a record-holder requires determination, extraordinary skills and commitment. Before applying for an existing record, check the current information and make sure you’ve got what it takes to break the record. If you are suggesting a new record idea, we recommend that you spend some time searching our current records to see what may already have been achieved in your area of expertise. Every newly approved record idea has to be significantly different from existing records and demonstrate a completely new skill. Being the first to suggest a record does not immediately qualify for acceptance, with around 60% of applications for new records being rejected. However, we are always looking for new exciting ideas to reflect the world’s diversity.”

As of 2017, Furman has set more than 600 official Guinness Records and currently holds  226 records. His most recent record  is 26 watermelons sliced on his stomach in one minute thus holding the Guinness Record for the most Guinness world records .  He has been breaking records since 1979.