‘Ok Boomer’ TV Show?

Fox Entertainment Applies to Trademark Popular Saying ‘OK, Boomer‘


Courtesy of The New York Times

Ryleigh Whittaker, Staff Writer

On Monday, November 18, Fox Entertainment announced that they filed for a trademark on the popular saying ‘OK, Boomer.’ They claimed that they would use this saying to make a TV show based on it. The only problem is that many other networks and businesses also had the same idea.

According to CNN, trademark attorney Josh Gerben said, ”It would seem unlikely that a company of this size would file such an application unless a show was being considered.”

Fox has said if the trademark is confirmed it will either be a reality, comedy, or a game show.

According to Adage, “The ‘OK, Boomer” meme originated on TikTok, but is now being used by brands like Netflix and Planters’ Mr. Peanut.”

This saying was created to make or poke fun at older generations for not being with modern society.

Although the company is big, it is very possible that they will be denied for the trademark.

According to Business Insider, “A recent case that could point at the ‘OK, Boomer’ trademark’s potential outcome is Lebron James’ recent attempt to trademark the phrase ‘Taco Tuesday.” The US Patent and Trademark Office denied the basketball star’s application on the basis that the phrase is “a commonplace term, message or expression widely used by a variety of sources that merely conveys an ordinary, familiar, well-recognized concept or sentiment.”

While the idea of an ‘OK, Boomer’ TV show got many excited, it is unlikely that it will actually happen. Currently, there has been at least 30 applications to trademark the saying.