BREAKING NEWS: San Antonio Plane Crash Kills Three People

Engine Troubles Cause a Plane Crash in San Antonio


Courtesy of CNN News

Ryleigh Whittaker, Staff Writer

On Sunday, December 1, at about 6:30, a small plane had an emergency landing that went terribly wrong. It was a small single-engine plane that was flying from Sugar Land, Texas to Boerne, Texas when it began having engine trouble. 

When they began to notice the engine trouble, they were very close to the San Antonio Airport. Where they made an alert in to land.The plane had three people aboard and all three unfortunately died in the crash. 

According to USA Today, San Antonio Fire Chief, Charles Hood said, “The pilot of the Piper PA-24 Cherokee tried to make an emergency landing, but fell about a mile short. No commercial or residential buildings were hit, and firefighters reported no other injuries.”

According to CNN, Hood said, “The pilot wanted to make an emergency landing at San Antonio International Airport, but ended up crashing into the street. The aircraft was found on the sidewalk and street completely demolished when first responders arrived.”

According to The Daily Beast, an eyewitness said, “I thought I heard a car crash into some dumpsters. But that’s not what it was at all.” 

After the plane crash had been reported, a 20-block scan of the area was conducted to make sure that no debris remained.

The road that the plane crash on is currently closed for investigation but should be reopened soon.