BREAKING NEWS: Pearl Harbor Naval Base Shooting

Shooter at Pearl Harbor Navy Shipyard Kills 2 and Wounds 1


Outside the base shortly after the shooting occured.

Taylor Shively, Assistant-Editor-In-Chief

Around 2:30 pm, on Wednesday, Dec. 4th, in Honolulu, Hawaii (7:30 pm EST), reports of an active shooter arose at the Pearl Harbor Navy Shipyard. The shooter has been identified as an active-duty sailor G. Romero, who was assigned to USS Columbia, which is a Los Angeles-class attack submarine (NPR News). The attack put the 66, 000 people who live on the base on lockdown for over an hour.

The shooter killed two civillian shipyard employees, wounded another, and after doing so, shot and killed himself. The wounded civillian was taken to the hospital and has since been in stable condition.The victims names will not be released until next-of-kin has been notified.

During the shooting he use his M4 service rifle and then used his M9 service pistol to shoot himself (ABC News). According to USA Today, no motive has been found, however, suspicions are raised as this Saturday will mark 78 years since the attack that prompted the United States to enter World War II.

The Pearl Harbor-Hickam is a combined U.S. Navy and Air Force base which is located about 8 miles from Honolulu (CBS News). The shipyard is just across the harbor from the National Pearl Harbor Memorial which makes it even harder for the families and people who live their to grasp.

With the addition of the Pearl Harbor shooting, according to CBS News, there have been 386 mass shootings in the United States; that is out of 335 days in the year.