Chris Colfer’s Life

The Life and Strugles of Chris Colfer


Josh Murphy, Staff writer

Chris Paul Colfer  is known for his hit series Land Of Stories, starring in Glee playing the charter Kurt Hummel, and many more movies. Chris was born on May 27 1990.  Chris has a younger sister.

On May 27 1990 Chris was born to Karyn and Timothy Colfer in California. In his childhood his mom would read to him Grim, and Hans Christian Anderson his love of these story’s would lead to his hit series land of stories. His favorite stories are “Snow white”, “ Sleeping beauty”,and “Cinderella”.  When in middle school Chris was bullied which lead to home schooling for a few years. Chris was always in and out of hospital due to his  younger epileptic sister and for himself when he had a surgery that kept him in bed for three months.

At only 17 Chris started his career by auditioning for “Glee”. The charter was taken but the co-created was so impressed he made Colfer’s famous character Kurt. From Glee he would get only in the first season a Golden Globe for musical comedy show of that year. Colfer himself would get a Golden Globe for supporting star.

Colfer went from an actor to a writer when his first novel The Wishing Spell came out on July 17 2012. This series would make him a New York Times bestseller. He then wrote five more books, many side stories, and a new book called A Tale  of Magic.

Chris Colfer is an actor, singer, and author He is a great role model due to him following his dreams and being openly gay and overcoming the hate people threw at him.