BREAKING NEWS: New Polices in Sports

Baseball Removes Marijuana From Drugs Of Abuse

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Sean Nickol, Staff Writer

As the years go on, marijuana gets more accepted as a whole. As a result, more and more athletes have gotten tested by professional sports leagues such as the National Football League for their usage. However, Thursday, December 12, Major League Baseball has now allowed their players to smoke marijuana.

Baseball players, although, aren’t allowed to do such drugs such as cocaine and opioids, as they add those specific drugs to their Drugs Of Abuse policy. Players will be supported to get help like alcoholics. Athletes won’t get punished for failing to receive help, according to NPR.Org.

Other leagues such as the NFL and NBA, will still be tested. But with how the MLB has taken the first leap on the matter, it’s time for the other two major leagues in America to do the same. 

Chronic pain, alcoholism, drugs, and depression are all supported by marijuana, according to Medical News Today. And as these athletes continue to get older, and hurt their bodies, marijuana will be right there for them to help support themselves rather than hurt them. So these leagues shouldn’t punish them for smoking, but rather support it, as the MLB will do.