BREAKING NEWS: Driver Accused of Ramming Teens Off Road

3 Teens Killed and 3 Injured after Driver Rams Into Them Sunday Night


Courtesy of CBSN Los Angeles

Ryleigh Whittaker, Staff Writer

Sunday, January 19, in Los Angeles, California, six teenage boys were driven off the road by 42-year-old Anurag Chandra. The boy were said to have been playing “ding-dong-ditch” when Chandra got upset and chased after them in his car. He eventually caught up to them and rammed into their car causing them to crash into a tree. It has been reported that three of the six boys didn’t make it.

According to NBC News, Authority’s said, “It wasn’t immediately clear whether the teens were wearing seat belts, and their names weren’t immediately released.”

After crashing into the teens, Chandra drove away with no word of anything. It was said that a witness followed him to a house and then reported him to the police based on the accident. 

According to CBSN Los Angeles, “ Chandra was accused of intentionally slamming into the victims’ car, in a news conference Monday afternoon. He was charged with murder with malice and assault with a deadly weapon.”

It was not believed that drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash but it hasn’t been released whether or not that had been accurate. 

Monday night prayer services were held as friends and community members prayed for the families of those lost and the suspect.