The B-2 Spirit : The Most Effective American Bomber

The B-2 Spirit, Why it is so Effective, and What its Successor Will be

The B-2 and its various assortments of bombs it can carry.

The B-2 and its various assortments of bombs it can carry.

Tyler Reigh, Staff Writer

The B-2 Spirit is an american bomber plane that is not ordinarily shaped. It is, in the most literal sense, a flying wing. The peculiar shape makes it mostly invisible on radars to where it only appears to be the size of a bird. Combine that with its ability to fly at 50,000 feet and carry an assortment of 16 B61-7 bombs, B61-11 bombs, or B-83-1 thermonuclear bombsand it is most definitely a force to be reconed with. It can also carry the B-61-12 bomb, which has a dial-up-yield, that according to The National Intrest, can go from 0.3 to 50 kilotons, making it a lethal and effective bomb. The first one to be manufactured was made in 1989 and was originally meant for use against the Soviet Union to target government officials and other core government targets.

It is one of three strategic bombers¬† at the access of the US Airforce, those of which are the B-1 Lancer and the absolutely monstrously sized B-52 Stratofortress. They have similar tasks as the Spirit but the Spirit is the steathliest out of the three. That being the case, the development for the Spirit’s successor, the B-21 Raider, has already been started.

It is expected to make it’s first apearance in 2025 and will take on the same role as that before it, but will be more technologically adapted to suit the technologies of today. Unfortunately, no more information is available to the public about the B-21 raider. Although, to this day not one B-2 Spirit has been lost in combat.