BREAKING NEWS: Woman Bites off Man’s Tongue

“Love Bites”


Emma Roe

On January 28, 2020, a woman in Detroit Michigan bit off her friend’s tongue while they were kissing. When Macomb County officials arrived at the scene, they took the man to the hospital and recovered the piece of his tongue from the bedroom floor.

According to CNN, 52-year-old Youlette Wedgeworth was visiting her apartment in Center Lane prior to the incident. She is said to have bitten about an inch of his tongue off simply because she had asked him not to use tongue while they kissed and he did anyway. Police first found the man bleeding from his mouth before they recovered his missing tongue on the bedroom floor of the apartment, and sent him to the hospital.

“I believe this is the first case of this nature, in my 27 years in the Prosecutor’s Office,” says Eric Smith, Macomb County Prosecutor, when asked by CNN about the case

According to ClickOnDetroit,Wedgeworth is being held in lieu of $25,000 in bail and will be paying a fine of $1,000. Authorities also charged her with aggravated assault and a year of misdemeanors. She was later arraigned the following day in 37th District Court in Center Line and is expected to attend her pre-trial conference on February 19, 2020.