Coronavirus Over 2,000 Deaths

The Coronavirus Tolls up to 2,000 Deaths


The novel coronavirus is becoming more and more deadly with each passing day

Tyler Hatfield , Staff Writer

On February 11, the Hubei health authority in China reported 94 more people have died from the coronavirus, raising the death toll to 1,068.

Hubei authorities have confirmed an additional 1,638 cases of the virus on the 11th, bringing the total number of cases in the epicenter of the outbreak to 33,366, and the global number of confirmed cases to at least 44,138, with the vast majority being in mainland China (CNN).

On February 19, CNN posted another update stating that “The novel coronavirus has now killed more than 2,000 people, all but six of them in mainland China. It has infected more than 75,000 people, with over 1,000 cases outside mainland China.”

Confirmed cases throughout mainland China

Because of these reports, many planned vacations for individuals have either been delayed or canceled.

According to a release from the Royal Caribbean, the cruise line has cancelled two separate trips that were set to depart from Singapore on Feb. 15 and Feb. 24 due to “current regional travel conditions,” referring to conditions with the virus.

In a statement posted on their website, the cruise line informed that “Royal Caribbean’s number one priority is ensuring the health and welfare of our guests and crew while delivering great vacations. We will continue to monitor conditions and will share other itinerary adjustments should they become necessary. The Singapore market remains of great importance to us and we look forward to returning there very soon.”

Guests who were booked to sail on the Quantum of the Seas will receive full refunds.