BREAKING NEWS: A Family Reunited

Migrant Family Reunited After Years of Separation



Fernando Arredondo of Guatemala reunites with his daughters Andrea, left, Keyli, right, and Alison, second from left, at Los Angeles International Airport after being separated during the Trump administration’s separation of immigrant families.

Christen Walder, Staff Writer

A migrant family has been reunited after 2 years of being separated. The mother of the family, Cleivi was was the one that took care of her children while the father was deported.

Shortly before midnight The father of the family, Fernando Arrendo, had arrived at the airport where his family was waiting for him, along with the other migrants. According to CBS News , when Arrendo’s youngest daughter Allison saw him she would not let go of her father or the poster that she made for her dad. She yelled “Daddy!”as her and her sisters ran up to hug their father. Arrendo hugged his daughters one by one while saying, “Thank you, God. Thank you, God.”

“We all deserve an opportunity in life,” he told CBS News. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) says a precedent has been put in place following the court decision that allowed Arrendo and eight of the other migrant parents to make a return to the United States last month.

Nan Schivone, Justice in Motion’s legal director, told CBS News “There’s a lot of effort to actually reach the immunity of origin, whether it is listed by the government or listed on public record documents.”

Out of the families Justice in Motion has reached, they say they have identified parents who are still living without their children and could be fit for the same relief Arrendo and 10 other migrant parents were granted. The non profit organization has been transferring such cases to the ACLU for future litigation.