The Aussie Hero

Australian Man Gives Gecko CPR After Drowning In His Beer


Maren Rieben, Staff Writer

An Australian man named Brett  in Corindi Beach Australia, also known as Slab by his friend, came to a bar located in The Amble Inn. He ordered a beer and went to sit down. He went to take a sip when he spotted a gecko in his beer. He originally thought that the people who worked at The Amble Inn were playing a prank on him. He pulled the gecko out and saw it was dead, Brett then laid the gecko on the counter. He decided he would perform CPR on the gecko to bring it back to life.

According to Jane St. Clair, to do CPR you must, “pull the gecko out of the body of water it is in. Then, hold him by his tail and shake him until all the water comes out of his little mouth. If the lizard is still not breathing, you will need to do chest CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Place the little lizard on its back, and stick your fingers on either side of his little rib cage. Gently press with your fingers until more water spurts out of his mouth and he is breathing again. If the lizard is still comatose, you will need to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.”

Brett began to tap the lizard on the stomach once. When that wasn’t working he picked it up and blew into its mouth. Brett laid the lizard back on the table, taped on it a few more times, and the beer spewed out of the gecko’s mouth. Brett picked the gecko up and placed it in his hand and it began to move. He tried to pick it up again but the gecko proceeded to jump around. Now the Gecko is out in the desert of Corindi Beach? According to Pet Stuff Guide “Depending on the gender a Gecko can live from 6 to 20 years or age”.