Corona in Ohio?

One Under Investigation for the Coronavirus as of Tuesday


Governor Mike Dewine talks about how Ohio is preparing for the virus (photo courtesy of Dayton Daily News).

Taylor Shively, Assistant-Editor-In-Chief

In the United States alone, there have been over 100 cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus in at least 12 states. In total, 11 people have passed away from the virus. The virus has rapidly spread across the U.S reaching states including Washington, California, New York, Arizona, Conneticut, New Hampshire, Flordia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Oregon, Georgia, and more(CDC).

In Ohio, there have been seven people who tested negative for the virus. However, an eighth person is currently under investigation on suspicion of having the virus. According to WBNS, the civillian has exhibited symptoms of respiratory illness and, within 14 days of symptoms starting, had either traveled to China or been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19.

In the state of Ohio, 212 people have returned after traveling to China within the last 14 days. However, none of the 212 are showing symptoms and will not be tested unless criteria(fever and/or symptoms of acute respiratory illness such as a cough or difficulty breathing) is met. Even when patients meet that criteria, they must first be tested for other respiratory illnesses such as influenza, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, and Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, declared states of emergency as Los Angeles County announced six additional cases of the deadly coronavirus. According to The Los Angeles Times, Placer County public health officials announced that patient who had tested positive for COVID-19 after returning from a cruise to Mexico last month died. The individual, later identified as a 71-year-old Rocklin resident, had underlying health conditions and was the county’s second confirmed case of COVID-19. Since then, the state has had more than 54 cases of the coronavirus. Along with California, Washington has also had many cases of the virus including 10 deaths. Governor Jay Inslee has also declared a state of emergency while many schools and businesses close for the sake of not spreading the virus more.

As of Tuesday, March 4, the COVID-19 coronavirus has spread to 17 states, with Washington and California getting the worst of it. Nebraska, Texas, and New York have also been getting more cases each day.