My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising review

A take on breathtaking animation

Emma Roe, Staff Writer

On February 26th, 2020, the Japanese anime, known as My Hero Academia hit American theaters; bringing many fans of the ongoing show and manga to flock to the box office to view the film. Since it’s release; many fan theories and speculations have both been confirmed and completely disproved.

As stated in the previous article submitted; the film was indeed available to watch with English subtitles or english-dubbed. But at the Cinema Paige Richards attended,  the subtitled version was only available to view at 10pm; so the dubbed version was seen. Much like teasers for the film had shown, Bakugo had a lot more screen time and was actually part of the main focus.

The main focus of the film; hint, hint: spoilers… is focused around a new villain called Nine, is attempting to take quirks from powerful heroes in hopes of using them to create a new world order. Much like All For One, a previous villain in the show, he has the ability to wield multiple quirks. The drawback from wielding all of these quirks is, that he gets exhausted quickly. To make up for this, he and his team of villains are trying to steal the quirk from a child, who’s quirk s known as cell restoration and has the ability to heal and boost cell repair.

“The film itself was quite breathtaking when it came to how smoothlythe animation ran and kept the viewers entertained with the plot and colorful scenery. Emma even cried three times during the film. It blew my mind and so much has changed since the first season of the show,” said Paige Richards, a Northmont who viewed the film with her best friend on Tuesday.