Chaos in the Debate Room

Americans are not extremely happy with the events that went down.


Echo Diffenderfer , Staff/Editor

This first presidential debate took place on September 29, 2020. According to The Washington Post, this debate was nothing but “childish blubbering, ignored questions, personal attacks and immature name calling.” 

During this debate, moderator Chris Wallace, a journalist and news anchor for Fox News. Was asking the important questions to the candidates. Unfortunately, almost every question he asked was interrupted by the other. President Trump intentionally interrupted Biden many times throughout. The debate. Biden soon became extremely frustrated at this and began to start the name-calling; he told the president to “Shut up, man.” And “You are such a clown.”

    During this debate, Chris Wallace asked many questions about the issues America is having today, he began to ask about taxes since President Trump’s taxes were leaked to the public. When the president was asked about this “scandal”, he responded with a “simple defense” for the low amount of income taxes according to the New York Times. Trump told Chris Wallace that he “didn’t like to pay his taxes,” though in previous conversations about taxes with other journalists he claimed that he paid millions and millions for his taxes. The second issue that was brought up was COVID-19. Biden began by talking about the recent death tolls of the virus and the case numbers in the U.S. alone. “He (Trump), has no plan, he has not laid out anything for the American people.” Biden stated. Trump strikes back bywith saying that “Biden could not have done the job that we did.” Trump also said that his administration is distributing a COVID-19 vaccine. In return, Biden called out Trump by saying “Why our fellow Americans believe someone who has lied so frequently. The President stated that this would be over by Easter. By the time the weather is warmer, it’d be gone like a miracle. And by the way maybe you could inject bleach into your arm.”

The final subject that Wallace talked about was the topic ofwhite supremacy. Trump would not condemn white supremacy instead he went on to say, “Proud Boys- Stand back and stand by, But I’ll tell you what… somebody’s got to do something about Antifa. And the left wing because that is not a right wing problem.” He completely changed the subject and to the majority of Americans this was extremely concerning.

    Now the personal attacks, President Trump proceeded to attack Biden’s family and personal life, completely avoiding the debate. Trump made “repeated unfounded and false claims” about Hunter Biden, Joe Biden sons and a military advocate. He claimed that Hunter was acting corruptly in Ukraine while in the army. He also brought up Hunter’s past drug addiction. The former Vice President was soulfully hurt and said, “This is not about my family or his family, this is about your family- the American people. My son has a drug problem, but he has overcome these problems and I’m proud of him.” The debate soon ended after this. Government officials are calling this debate “An embarrassment to the American people” CNN stated.

The next debate was the Vice Presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence, which took place on October 7, 2020