PM of Finland raises Sexism Discussion

Sanna Marin faces Sexism over Magazine Cover

Savanna Sparks, Writer

Pictured above is Finnland’s Prime Minister, Sanna Marin for TrendiMag Magazine.

Even being a successful world leader, Sanna Marin still faces sexism as if she weren’t. Marin is the youngest Prime Minister, being age 34 when elected. Meaning that she is powerful and young, but being old enough to have to endure sexism from her opponents and the general public. Above is a snapshot of Marin wearing the now infamous black blazer that was so ”controversial” due to no undershirt being worn with it.

This ”controversial” fashion statement has been highly criticized by conservative viewers who wish to not see a sliver of a woman leaders’ bare chest. Others think differently. Some supporters have created the new hashtag in Marin’s defense called, #imwithsanna. This hashtag has been used to defend Marin and her female sexuality.

“Many critics see issues with Prime Minister Sanna Marin Appearing on a women’s lifestyle magazine in the middle of a deadly pandemic…” Paalosalo-Jussinmäki [Who is Paalosalo-Jussinmäki? Why are they important? For  example, if they are an editor of a magazine, say “Paalosalo-Jussinmäki, head editor of TrendiMag, told CNN.”] told CNN. The purpose of the excerpt was to enlighten people on the struggles of being a world leader and a mother and in such times of need and confusion. This isn’t the first time people have criticized female leaders for wardrobe choices.

CNN tells us that in February of this year, Tracy Brabin, a British lawmaker of the parliament of the United Kingdom, wore a sleek black off-the-shoulder blouse while speaking at parliament. This caused many people to ask the question if her attire was appropriate for such an occasion. Below is a picture of the blouse.

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CNBC tells us that Brabin went on to sell the dress for 20,200 euros for charity. It is unknown what charity it was donated to. Brabin went on to a breakfast talk show soon after the ’incident’ and called the amount of attention a bare shoulder was getting is ‘silly’. She went on to say that this situation was a prime example of “everyday sexism”.

So why do these situations matter? They matter because they are good examples of  sexism which can occur to anyone.  Sanna Marin and Tracy Brabin are mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives and yet they are still sexualized for wearing everyday clothing. Women have been objectified and manipulated into thinking their bodies are made to hide ever since they were small girls. This is an issue that affects all women of the world, and it shouldn’t have to.

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