Rock Climber Sasha DiGiulian Proves her Opponents Wrong

Sasha DiGiulian was told that ‘little girls don’t belong.’ She proved everyone wrong.


Sasha has dusty hands after beating 30 female records

Tyler Hatfield, Staff Writer

Throughout Sasha DiGiulian’s life, she has always proved people wrong. When the 28-year-old traveled the world and completed over 30 first female ascents, she took the rock climbing world by storm.

However, she has been subject to snide comments and remarks for her career choice for many years, and when she was told by a man that ”little girls don’t belong on the Eiger,” she set out to prove the man wrong. Sasha completed the 5,900 ft. north face of the Eiger — a mountain in Switzerland with one of the most technically challenging climbs in the Alps — and shocked the community.

According to CNN, DiGiulian, who started climbing aged seven, “has spoken out about her experiences of being a woman in the sport, writing a lengthy Instagram post in 2018 after she said she was subject to bullying from fellow climber Joe Kinder, who later apologized via a statement on social media.”
Kinder told CNN reporters that while he has indeed accepted his mistakes, he felt “gravely misrepresented” and stated that “public shaming” can cause or lead to serious mental health problems.
“I’ll never defend my mistake as there is no excuse for my actions. I own it and have learned a hard lesson. It was offensive and hurtful and cost me my career and everything that I had built,” he said in a statement.

With 463,000 followers on Instagram — of which is consistently growing — DiGiulian is using her platform in hope to raise awareness of such issues in the hope that the sport becomes more diverse and subject to less discriminatory remarks and beliefs.