Tom Brady and The Bucs Future

Is The Super Bowl In Their History


Abby Adkins, Staff Writer

    During the NFL draft in 2000, Tom Brady was drafted to the Patriots in the 6th round. He is considered the biggest steal in the NFL draft history because of how late he was drafted. No one saw him being as big as he is now with 6 Super Bowl titles. He is one of two quarterbacks to win the Super Bowl in their first season as a starter. He is also the only quarterback to lead his team to the most division titles (17) and has never had a losing season. 

     After playing 20 seasons as a Patriot he left and signed a 2 year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Many people think that because he is now 43, which is the oldest in NFL history, that him going to the Buccaneers is a mistake for Tampa Bay and he won’t be able to get them a Super Bowl title. Since he only signed for 2 years and considering his age this may be the last two years for Brady. Most people think he is too old to win again and the fact that he doesn’t have the same relationship with his new head coach like he did with Bill Belichick.

    Bruce Arians, who started as the Buccaneers head coach in 2019, has started making many moves to recruit star players and try to get this year’s Super Bowl title knowing we have slim time with Tom Brady. Fortunately for Bruce having the best quarterback in the league definitely helps persuade players into signing with them. 

     He has recruited Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, Leonard Fournette as well as Tom for this season’s run. They are currently 6-2 and first in the NFC south. If they do end up going to the playoffs, it will be the first time since 2007. This could be the toughest season for Brady yet, but with all of his assets, the Buccaneers stand a pretty good chance.