VS: FERGUSON: A Miscarriage of Justice

Justice Not Served in Ferguson

Photo courtesy of nbcnews.com

Photo courtesy of nbcnews.com

Alexandria Montgomery, Staff Writer

The choice not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is a grave miscarriage of justice, but sadly I cannot say I am surprised. As a weary Atticus Finch told a weeping Jem Finch, “They have done it before, and they will do it again” (Lee). I have many qualms with the decision of Ferguson’s grand jury. The most significant and most persistent is their failure to acknowledge the inconsistencies of Darren Wilson’s account versus witness accounts, assume responsibility, and demand a trial by choosing to indict Darren Wilson.

The witness accounts of Dorian Johnson, La’Toya Cash, and Phillip Walker essentially mirror each other, despite minute differences. The account of Darren Wilson, however, greatly differs. Moreover, Wilson’s “injuries”’ do not align with his story. According to several websites, Wilson likens Mike Brown to a demon with “Hulk Hogan” strength. He also says he felt like a “five-year-old” and his “life was in danger.” What is interesting is there is no physical evidence to back this claim up, besides a minor bruise on Wilson’s cheek. Seems to me a man with Hulk Hogan strength with a five-year-old in his hands could do much more damage than a mark resembling untreated eczema. These disparities would, in my opinion, be enough to indict and try a murderer.

Mainstream media incessantly demonizes people of color, not just Michael Brown; although he has been especially demonized by the media after his murder. It was reported that Brown “robbed” a convenience store the day of his murder. The legal definition of “robbery”’ is “the taking of money or goods in the possession of another, from his or her immediate presence, by force or intimidation.” The circulating video of Michael Brown shows no evidence of force or intimidation, although Brown did push the clerk. It is important to note Brown did not push the clerk until after the clerk put his hands on Brown. If no force is used, it is not a robbery. At most, Michael Brown’s actions coincide with the term “shoplift,” which is defined as “theft of merchandise from a store or business establishment.” Either way, shoplifting does not justify the slaughter of a man. He has been labeled as a thug.

It is also important to note that no one employed at the convenience store called the cops; in fact, it was a customer who dialed 911 and reported what he thought to be a robbery. The attorney of the store owners said, “during the course of Ferguson’s investigation, the police department from Ferguson came to the store and asked to review the tape.” This means Michael Brown was murdered before Darren Wilson knew of Brown to be guilty of robbery. Wilson cannot use Brown’s crime for justification of his capricious, irrational, and, ultimately, unlawful action.

Despite a few who dissent, there is a general consensus that Brown had his hands up. Hands up is a universal sign of surrender; it signifies the aggressor to stop, to cease force, to halt all action. We will never know what exactly happened to Michael Brown, but we can be certain justice was not served. As Atticus said, “seems only the children weep.”