Tesla Model 3 Explosion

Are The Cars Everyone Is Raving About Actually Dangerous?

Abby Adkins, Staff Writer

According to NBNC on January 19th, in an underground residential parking garage in Shanghai, a Tesla, Model 3 car exploded. The explosion did cause a fire. According to Tesla no one was injured in the fire.

Tesla further looked into the car and the main cause of the explosion was an impact made on the underside of the car that damaged the battery. The vehicle caught fire after its bottom struck a manhole cover as the driver pulled into the garage. The flames from the explosion gutted the car’s interior and appeared to char its body.

Tesla said they are cooperating with the local fire department and helping the owner to claim insurance, according to Yicai Global, a financial news outlet.

It is not known if the car was locally made or imported. A Chinese battery manufacturing Contemporary Amperex Technology said it did not make the battery pack for the car that spontaneously combusted, according to Chinese media.

The state-run daily newspaper published an article earlier this month criticizing Tesla’s driver-assistance technology and its cars’ retractable door handles. That followed Tesla’s October recall of about 30,000 vehicles in China because of suspension problems, which the company reportedly said were caused by “driver abuse” rather than a defect. Tesla also sent a team to China in 2019 to investigate reports of one of its Model S Sedans exploding.

The explosion caused lots of safety concerns about Tesla’s vehicles in China, which is an increasingly important market for Elon Musk. This is the third problem Tesla has had in China so far. This could cause Tesla’s sales to go down and/or make Musk remodel the cars. After this issue, they could possibly not get their sales where they have been. As of now Tesla’s Model 3 has become the world’s best-selling plug-in electric vehicle model.