Are Travel YouTubers Still A Thing?

Yes, Travel Is Still A Thing In The Pandemic

Josh Murphy, Staff writer

COVID-19  may have put a stop to things but YouTubers Kara and Nate didn’t let it stop them. Kara and Nate now travel the United States after traveling the world from 2016 to the start of 2020, but  due to COVID-19, they are back in the United States. How do they still travel now?

According to Kara and Nates’ website Karaandnate, Kara and Nate started their YouTube channel back in 2016 under the handle of Kara and Nate. Nate says on the website, “Intending to see how far they could go around the world in a year, but that plan didn’t stick.” Now after four-plus years of travel, they are still traveling.  They have now been to all seven continents, 100 countries, and now around the USA in a sprinter van.

Their new way of life started on June 28, 2020. When they bought a sprinter van,maded some changes which would need to keep being changed. . Then they hit the road to Colorado. Once in Colorado, they came up with the idea to bike the Colorado Trail because due to COVID-19 a lot of things were closed.  According to the Colorado trail, the trail is 567 miles and connects Denver and Durango. Nate, his brother Dusty, and his friend Rick did the whole trial. With a lot of falls and meals from their spouses at night. But they still are having fun by Renting a aquarium for their family.

Over four years of travel the two have done 100 countries which means a rate of twenty-five countries per year.