Goldmine Collapsed In Indonesia

Six Killed 15 Injured After Gold Mine Collapse.

Josh Murphy, Staff writer

An illegal gold mine collapsed in Indonesia. Rescue teams are looking for missing people and six are dead. The collapse was caused by rainfall and lose soil.

According to France24, an illegal gold mine on the Indonesia island of Sulawesi collapsed killing six people. An estimated 23 people were trapped in the rubble. One person was still missing on the twenty-fifth of January but was later found.


According to Aljazeera, teams are consisting of police, military, and local disaster agency. Fifteen survivors have been pulled out of the mine. Disaster officials think intense rainfall and unstable soil lead to the collapse of the mine. Illegal or informal mines are common but have the risk of death or a serious injury in the line of work.

There are many problems when it comes to mines such as landslides, tunnel collapses, and flooding in mines. There has been a surge of illegal mining of this kind and has risen to over 40 million. When previously  it was 30 million in 2014, and 6 million in 1993. As gold mining is common in Indonesia more events like this could happen and more people could die or be injured in the collapse of mines, but luckily when it happens there will be people to help look and help make sense of what happened to cause the collapse. About 3% of the world’s gold production comes from Grasberg mines in Papúa Provence which has $40 billion in reserves and 20,000 people working the mines, but the mine is a not so big mine for the area.