Oprah Interviews Price Harry and Meghan

Prince Henry and Meghan Markle Oprah Interview.

Echo Diffenderfer, Editor/Staff Writers


On March 7, 2021, Oprah Winfrey interviewed Prince Henry and his spouse Meghan Markle. Through this interview, Oprah questioned how the royal family was and revealed some groundbreaking news.

In the previously unaired clips, the couple discuss why they believe race played a difference in how Meghan was treated by Buckingham Palace and British tabloids. They also open up about a visit to see Queen Elizabeth that was suddenly called off after the couple decided to step back from royal duties in early 2020.

Meghan Markle also revealed their second child, due this summer, would be a girl. They also claimed there were concerns expressed within Buckingham Palace before their first son, Archie, was born, about how dark his skin color might be. Winfrey, who joined “CBS This Morning”  the day after the interview aired, said Prince Harry wanted to make it clear that the remarks were not made by Queen Elizabeth or Prince Phillip.

Winfrey began asking the couple about the racism and why they left the country because of it.“ Did you leave the country because of racism?” Winfrey asked the couple in the first previously unaired clip. Prince Harry said “it was a large part of it,” recalling one event in particular. “I remember the Sentebale fundraiser,” he said. “And one of the people at that dinner said to me, ‘Please don’t do this with the media. They will destroy your life.’ This person is friends with a lot of editors and like that.” Harry continued, “I said, ‘Sorry, elaborate what do you mean by that?’ So I knew. He said, ‘Please understand the U.K. is very bigoted.’ And I stopped and said, ‘The U.K. is not bigoted. The U.K. press is bigoted, specifically the tabloids. Is that what you mean?’ “He goes, ‘No, the U.K. is bigoted.’ And I said, ‘I completely disagree.’ But unfortunately, if the source of information is inherently corrupt or racist or biased, then that filters out to the rest of society.”

This groundbreaking news from the couple bewildered Winfrey. The people who have watched and reacted to the interview have been in shock by this news.