Percy Jackson Coming To Disney+

Percy Jackson Will be Getting It’s own Disney+ Series.

Josh Murphy, Staff writer

The New York Times best-seller Percy Jackson series will be getting its own TV series on Disney+.

According to Laughing Place, Rick Riordan the author of the books, and his wife Becky are leading the charge as producers for the show. Casting has not yet begun, but Riordan is now looking for a director for the show. What could this mean for the fans of the series? Well, it means, hopefully, an honest and true adaption of the series. But, unless you’re a Riordan fan, something may be on your mind: What is Percy Jackson?

According to Rick Riordan’s website, Percy Jackson is the story of a 12-year old boy who finds out he is a demigod – a child born to any mythological god, be that Greek, Roman, or Norse. Percy is a child of Poseidon, god of the oceans, water, and horses. Percy is taken to a camp called Camp Half-Blood, which is the training camp for Greek demigods. While there, he is sent on a quest with his friends Grover and Annabeth to retrieve Zeus’ lightning bolt before all-out war breaks out between the gods.

This Disney+ TV series will not be the first try at a Percy Jackson big-screen appearance. According to IMDB, Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief came to theaters in 2010. When mentioning the new Percy Jackson’s Disney+ series, you have to make reference to the Lightning Thief movie. In 2010, 20th Century Fox made this movie, which didn’t sit well with fans due to its change in the plot from the book and its bad scripting of the actors’ lines. It was so bad that the author, Rick Riordan, even asked them to change it because he knew how fans would react. But 2oth Century Fox didn’t make the changes and even went on to make a movie of the sequel book, Sea Of Monsters, in 2013. Sea of Monsters was another cash-grab movie made by 2oth Century Fox that disappointed the Percy Jackson fans again.

With news of the new series on Disney+, fans can hope for a more true-to-the-book film version of the series. According to the Laughing Place, the show is supposed to drop in 2022.