Kanye West Wants to Change his Name… Again

We all know Kanye West, but do we know Ye?

Mattison Jessie, Staff Writer

On August 25, 2021, news came out that Kayne West wants to legally change his name, for the second time. On September 29, 2018, West tweeted, “ the formerly known as Kayne West I am YE”.


West has gone by “Ye” for a while now. West’s friends have always called him “Ye”, but now he wants everyone to call him “Ye”. According to People, West has already filed all the paperwork that is needed for his name change. Though, this name change is not much of a surprise.


As well as wanting to change his name to “Ye” in 2018, he also dropped an album on June 1, 2018 named Ye. People also reports that the name change on the document is listed for “ personal reasons”, no other information was attached.


Ye was a stage name at first, but now he (West) wants to make it more. “ I believe “ye” is the most commonly used word in the Bible, and in the Bible, it means “you”, so Im you, Im us, It’s us. It went from Kanye, which means only one, to Ye- just being a reflection of our good, bad, our confusion, everything,” said Kanye, according to People

“That evolution could boost Ye’s already considerable fortune. Forbes estimates Ye’s net worth to be $1.8 billion, with $1.5 billion of that from his booming Yeezy sneaker empire, a partnership with Adidas that sold an estimated $1.3 billion worth of shoes in 2019 and $1.7 billion in 2020. If the visual similarity between Ye and Yeezy helps drive awareness of the Yeezy sneaker brand and converts more music listeners into shoe shoppers, then Ye’s net worth will likely rise accordingly,” said Forbes on West’s name change.

Kanye West via LATimes (Michael Wyke )