He’s All That: A Review

He’s All That is a Romantic Comedy in it’s Own Right

Josh Murphy, Staff writer

“He’s All That,” more like, “It’s all a mess.” This movie was released on Netflix on August 23, 2020. The entire movie can be described by one specific scene in which Cameron and Padgett throw horse poop at each other. This movie, in my opinion, is horse poop. 

To summarize, this movie’s plot is weird. Padgett, accoording to IMDB, who is played by Addison Rae, is done with her (ex)boyfriend, Jordan played by Peyton Meyer, after he cheats on her; the whole break-up is filmed by the movie’s main villain, Alden, played by Madison Pettis. After the video is posted to the internet, instead of the viewers seeing Jordan as the bad guy, everyone sees Padgett as the one in the wrong. At this point, Padgett loses a brand deal with a clothes line  because of the video. The movie then introduces the other main character, Cameron played by Tanner Bucha, who is first seen with his younger sister, Brin, as they listen to Jordan’s ‘music.’A pop style song.  At this point in the movie, Alden makes a bet with Padgett that she (Padgett) can make Cameron the next prom king. To get things in motion to make this happen, Padgett invites Cameron and his friend, Nisha, to a before-prom party. At this party, Jordan shows up with another girl, and Cameron saves Padgett from embarrassment by singing “Teenage Dream” (Katy Perry) with her. More antics happen when Cameron and Padgett go to Alden’s birthday party, where Jordan and Cameron throw down, and Cameron wins with his karate moves (most likely a product of his part in the Cobra Kai series). The next ‘big’ scene is when Cameron asks Padgett to the prom and finds out about the bet from Alden; after this, Cameron is done with Padgett and leaves her standing alone. We finally reach the climax of the movie – the prom; Padgett shows up alone and, in what the principal of the school calls a weird school ritual, a two-minute dance battle ensues between Padgett and her friends against Alden and Jordan and their friends. After electing the prom king and queen, Padgett admits to her flaws and regrets of how she has treated others; when she leaves the school after her big speech, Cameron is outside waiting for her, and the two of them end up back together. 

At the start of the movie, you think Cameron and Padgett are not alike, but the scenes and character remarks show how alike they are. By the end of this movie, we see that both Cameron and Padgett are caring, nice, and not pretentious. The dance battle was a funny moment for the movie. I liked how the producer and director used Tanner Buchana’s skills from filming Cobra Kai for a good fight moment in this movie. 

He’s All That came out August 23, 2021. According to NBC.com, Addison Rae, who plays Padgett in He’s All That, has now signed a Netflix deal to do more movies with the company and it’s a multi-million dollar  deal.