Texas Abortion Ban

Texas government passes SB8, the 6 week abortion ban, into law.


Madisyn Dorko, Staff Writer

The Texas abortion ban, known as SB8 or Senate Bill 8, has officially been passed by Texas’ supreme court. This bill includes it being illegal to have an abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy. This does not have any exceptions whatsoever to rape, incest, or danger to the mother.

When confronted about the idea of rape causing a pregnancy, Texas Governor Greg Abbott made the claim he will “elimaite all rapists”. He has made a call to action for taking rapists off of the streets in order to prevent these awful acts from happening. While it’s a good thought to have, many believe that this will not work, and have expressed concern for the future of the ban

While many people have had an issues with the way the Texas Government have handled things, they are not alone. The United States Justice Department has begun a lawsuit against the state of Texas. Their claims include calling SB8 unconstitutional and simply immoral. This case will continue for a while, and it’s unclear what will happen.

Protests over this restrictive abortion ban in Texas, and even other states who have been facing some similar situations have been going on since SB8 officially went into effect. People all over the USA have expressed their opinions and concerns about SB8.

This is one of the most controversial topics when it comes to any sort of politics. Abortion, to some people, is murder. While abortion to other people is simple healthcare. While all people have strong opinions on the topic of abortion, SB8 will have negative effects.